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Wearable robotics

AI-based robot control software

A wearable robot is a type of mechatronic system that humans can wear and that is used to improve a person's physical abilities. We are working on exoskeleton-type wearable robots, such as robotic prostheses for the upper and lower limbs, pelvic or trunk assist robots, orthoses, as well as intelligent wheelchairs. We are also deeply engaged in cable-driven mechanism to actuate these wearable robots in a manner similar to muscle actuation as well as flexible actuator positions.

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We envision that a smart technology employing AI-based robot controllers will be key for the future of wearable robots. Here, we are working on building biomechanical data that responds to human-robot interaction, as well as developing data‐driven robot control technologies. Our study also includes the development of a robotic emulator, as part of data-centric AI, to generate systematic data by independently controlling control variables.


Wearable sensors for digital healthcare technology

We are also working on wearable sensors that attach to the bodies of industrial workers. By processing biosignals from the wearable sensors, we are developing healthcare technology for estimating occupational hazards or risky situations that may result in injury or fatigue. Statistical tools and machine learning methods are being used to classify different responses of human body to various tasks and situations. 

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